Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Magazine front cover & featured article September 2018 on the rogue element of the personal injury covert surveillance industry and the impact it can have on high value cases.

PI Focus Magazine front cover & featured article October 2013. Our two page opinion was given the entire front cover of this leading industry law journal. Copy available upon request. 

We were commissioned to write a two thousand word article on the state of the surveillance industry and the legality of presented covert video evidence for the leading trade law magazine PI Focus for their February 2012 edition and have been featured in The Association of British Investigators Journal. Copies available upon request.

                                                            We gave opinion in August 2013 on BBC Radio 4's The Report                                                              

We have assisted two UK television companies with their investigations and surveillance operations. The often delicate nature of the programmes meant that we had to use extreme caution when gathering the video evidence to be used. The producers were acutely aware that any alert to the presence of a surveillance team could result in a hugely embarrasing media and legal frenzy. 100% legal integrity, absolute professionalism and transparency was needed which is why they chose us.